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Cremation Urns

Cremation urns are only one of many forms of memorialization. Depending upon your beliefs, cremating the remains of a loved one may be something you are interested in exploring. Cremation is not for everyone. The following short article is designed to give you more information to help you to decide if cremation is for you.

Facts About Cremation Urns

  • Cremation is the process of exposing the remains of someone who has died and the container encasing them to extreme heat.
  • An urn is a container that holds cremated remains.
  • Cremation has most likely been in existence for over 5000 years.
  • There are many types of urns. Bronze and wooden urns are the most common.
    1. A bronze urn is the classic urn and is more durable. It will not rust.
    2. A wooden urn has more of a "warm" feel. It is the preferred choice of those who are more "green" minded because wood is a naturally renewable material.
  • There are also unique urns that are used to commemorate the life of a loved one such as sports, military, decorative, cowboy, and motorcycle urns. There really is no limit to the creativity with which you can commemorate a loved one.
  • A keepsake urn is an urn designed to hold partial remains. If you feel you need more than one urn this could be an option. Sometimes the majority of the ashes of a loved one are to be scattered. The remaining ashes could be put into a keepsake urn and kept in a special place as a memorial.
  • Keepsake urn jewelry, for instance a necklace or pendant, contains a small bit of the cremated remains for those who want to keep their loved one with them at times.
  • The first two crematories in the US were built in our tri-state area (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware). One was located in Washington, PA; the other was in Lancaster, PA.
  • An urn for two is a special type of urn. Larger than a regular urn, this type of urn is a special tribute to a couple. The remains of both are included in the urn. An urn for two facilitates the memorialization of special couples - together.

When deciding how to memorialize a loved one you should take into account the beliefs of your loved one as well as your own beliefs. A cremation urn is only one of many forms of memorialization. If you decide to go with a cremation urn, keepsake urn, or keepsake urn jewelry you should contact someone in your local area so you can get all the details and the design straight. If you are in the greater Philadelphia area feel free to contact us.

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