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Why Cast Bronze Plaques?

Cast bronze plaques are formed by pouring bronze into a mold. No other product matches the permanence or beauty of a bronze plaque for a lasting tribute. They are very durable and therefore perfect for memorials.

Cast bronze plaques are used to identify, dedicate, commemorate or recognize people, places, deeds or events. For instance bronze is used for awards, commendations, portrait plaques, military and patriotic recognition, identification products like building or corporate identification, dedications, pet grave markers, historical records, bookends, name plates, gifts, trophies, seals, service emblems, time capsules and almost anything you want to last for a long, long time.

A bronze has a distinctive elegance. There is something about it that says style and permanence. Whether your design is just a vague idea or is in finished form it is possible to bring it to reality. Pretty much any type of design can be produced. From a simple plaque with wording to an elaborate custom design, each piece can be produced to order.

Bronze plaques can be refinished to look like new after almost any amount of time. Bronze plaques are available starting at 1 inch by 1 inch going all the way up to 8 feet by 10 feet and more. Bronze plaques are cast from approximately 88% copper, 10% tin, and 2% lead. This makes for the highest quality bronze plaques possible. Bronze plaques can be painted any color or made in any shape you want.

Many cast bronze companies can give you a free no obligation quote before you buy. Some offer free shipping. Special artwork can be, at times, included in the price. Always look at the overall price before deciding on any particular company.

When the word bronze is preceded by another word it is not "real" bronze it is faux bronze - for instance "leaded bronze" or "silicon bronze". Real bronze is created by melting down pure copper, tin, and lead in an 88/10/2 ratio. Bronze is virtually forever.

Some places sell plaques and signs made of faux bronze and do not openly state what their materials are. While these faux bronze products may or may not be usable for your purpose they can not last longer than real bronze.

Do not schedule any ceremony involving a bronze plaque until you actually have the plaque in your hand. Production times vary. Delays can (and do) occur that are out of control of the plaque creation company.

We hope this article has been beneficial to you. If you are interested in a cast bronze plague contact us - we may be able to accommodate you. Our company specializes in bronze memorials so we have experience with products that are designed to last.

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