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Our Slant Markers

Slant markers are sometimes called a wedges or pillow stones. They are generally used for one or two graves. Slant markers are usually a maximum of 18 inches high. Your cemetery's regulations may require different measurements. Some cemeteries may not allow this type of marker to be used.

A base may elevate the slant marker. This will provide protection and a feeling of substance, while retaining its stability and desirable viewing angle.

We have more types of slant markers. We also have other types of headstones. See our monuments, grass markers, and bevel markers for other ideas. Please contact us for more information if you are in the greater Philadelphia area.

A slant marker with a heart designA granite slant marker with a flower design
A jet black slant marker with  animals on itA slant marker with two hearts and other symbols
A dark gray granite slant marker with a branch designA granite slant marker with flowers

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