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Infant Headstone Design Ideas

Trying to design an infant headstone? The subject is tough enough without having to get into technical details. So this article will keep it simple. We don't want to make things any harder.

Please understand that cemetery regulations must be taken into account when designing an infant's headstone. Contact your local monument and headstone services company in order to determine your cemetery's regulations. If you are in the greater Philadelphia area (South Jersey) feel free to contact your nearest Monuments of Distinction location.

The Epitaph

The best thing we can recommend is go with your gut feeling. From the heart, what would you like the infant's headstone to say? Keep it simple. Remember, you only have limited space on a headstone. Love, peace, happiness, rest, serenity, etc are common words that, when explored, may help you uncover the exact phrase best suited to your infant headstone design. If appropriate, it may be therapeutic to write a very short poem about your baby.

The Image or Emblem

What image most exactly reflects how you would like your loved one to be remembered? Commonly used images:

  • a heart
  • an angle carrying a baby
  • baby's favorite toy
  • Mary holding a baby
  • a favorite pet or animal
  • a favorite doll

Granite or Bronze Infant Headstones

There are two main types of infant headstones - granite and bronze. The material that the headstone is made out of is often determined by the cemetery. The size and shape of the headstone may be limited as well. Contact you local headstone services company. They can help you with these details.

Granite headstones are usually less expensive. Granite headstones display their designs through the use of engraving or sandblasting. Very fine detail is not possible using granite. Bronze headstones, on the other hand, can capture much finer details and be made with higher contrast in color. The detail of a bronze headstone is captured by pouring the hot bronze into a mold. Both granite and bronze infant headstones can be strikingly beautiful and meaningful if done thoughtfully.

Name and Date

When adding the name of your infant to the headstone you may also want to include a nickname. It is customary to add the birth and death date for historic or genealogical reasons.

To summarize, the best thing to keep in mind when designing an infant headstone is go with your gut. Choose granite or bronze. Choose an appropriate message and image. Add the name and dates. Follow your cemetery's rules. If you have any questions about any of this call your local headstone services company. If you are in the greater Philadelphia area (NJ, PA, DE) feel free to contact one of our locations.

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