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Child Headstone Design

For the sake of simplicity, child headstone design can divided into 4 parts. The following easy-to-do process will at least get you started on creating the perfect headstone for your loved one. Included in this process is: choosing the headstone material, personalization, emblems, and inscriptions for the child's headstone. For more information please see our article called Headstone Design.

Choose the Headstone Material

There are two main types of material that can be used for headstones - granite and bronze. If you like the look of stone, granite is the way to go. If you would like your memorial to be metallic, choose bronze. Granite memorial headstones can be economical. The engraving on a granite headstone can add a nice touch of contrast to the design if done properly. Bronze headstones can capture a very fine level of detail. The detail of a bronze headstone is captured by pouring the hot bronze into a mold. Granite headstones display their designs through the use of engraving or sandblasting. Cemetery regulations will probably play a roll in your choice here.

Child Headstone Designs

Granite is made mostly of the minerals feldspar, quartz, and mica. The texture and color of granite is determined by the proportions of these minerals. Granites of various texture and color have been discovered on every continent.

In order come up with the best headstone for your loved one you should take a look at other child headstones. "Google" child headstones to see some examples. Take a walk through your local cemetery in order to get ideas. Examples of common designs used on children's headstones are: a toy that the child liked, religious figures like Mary or Jesus holding a child, and animals like a lamb or teddy bear.


The child's name and life dates quite often are engraved or cast on the headstone depending on the material. Maybe other information will be appropriate. Keep it simple. Keep focused. Don't try to put too much information on the stone.

Inscriptions (epitaphs and verses)

If appropriate to your design and if space allows you can use an inscription. An inscription like "Sleep, my little one, sleep" may be appropriate to your child's headstone, or "Remembering a tiny angel" could work well in your situation.

A beautiful verse on a child's headstone might go something like this:

A light is gone
A voice is stilled
There is a place in our home
Never to be filled

Please understand that cemetery regulations must be taken into account when designing a child's headstone. Contact your local monument and headstone services company in order to determine your cemetery's regulations. If you are in the greater Philadelphia area (South Jersey) feel free to contact your nearest Monuments of Distinction location. Remember, you only have limited space for a child headstone design. It may not be possible to put all of the above suggestions on to your loved one's headstone. Go through the above parts of child headstone design and choose which of those you feel are more appropriate to your situation.

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