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Headstone Prices - Local Dealer or Internet Company?

Headstone prices are usually less expensive if you buy from a local dealer as opposed to an internet company. Additionally, when buying granite or bronze headstones, the customer is best served by face-to-face customer service.

For more information read this article: Headstone Prices.

When you are ready to purchase your headstone go to a local dealer in your own neighborhood or the neighborhood of your chosen cemetery. This can save you money because you won't have to pay the additional shipping cost.

Should you buy a headstone through an Internet company or a local dealer? Things to consider:

  • A single bronze headstone (24"x12") weighs about 35lbs. The cemetery will often supply the base and include that price with their permit fee. You can ship directly to a cemetery as long as they agree to accept the shipment.
  • A small single flat granite headstone (24"x12"x4") weighs over 185lbs. Shipping to another location is a bit pricey. If a company is advertising free shipping you have to ask yourself, "Is there really anything free?" Someone has to pay if the headstone has to be shipped. For their convenience and for extra profit they just add a flat shipping rate into their prices. This means you could be paying more for shipping than you should.
  • Don't be misled by offers of "free unlimited lettering." Again someone has to pay for it. See our article Headstone Epitaphs for more information on lettering.
  • Your local headstone dealer will have many display examples. You will be able to see (and feel) the product and the quality of workmanship.
  • A face-to-face meeting with your local dealer is beneficial. In the headstone design phase you and your customer service rep can exchange ideas to determine exactly what you want your loved one's headstone to look like. This face-to-face exchange of ideas makes the process of the design, proof, stone carving, cemetery coordination, and placement at the site very smooth and clear.
  • When you buy locally you are helping your local economy.
  • It's best to deal with a company that does all their own work, including cemetery delivery and installation. No middleman
  • Trust. Can you trust the company you are buying from? Going with an established local company can do a lot to ease your mind.

Only you can decide whether to use an internet company or a local headstone dealer. When determining headstone prices you should consider more than just carving and delivery. Coordinating the whole process from the time you speak to someone to the placement of your special memorial at the cemetery is also important.

We are both a local headstone dealer and an internet company. We prefer to do business face-to-face with our customers. We will not ship granite headstones out of the South Jersey or Greater Philadelphia Area.

If you are in the South Jersey or Greater Philadelphia Area and need help with a headstone feel free to contact us.

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