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Bronze Headstones

What is Bronze?

A bronze headstone with a flag holderIn order to understand bronze headstones you should first understand bronze. Bronze is a metal made mostly of copper and tin. Ore containing copper and tin are smelted together in order to create bronze. In other words, mineral deposits are melted to extract the copper and tin. The copper and tin are then melted together in the desired proportions.

A significant number of the cemeteries and memorial parks in South Jersey are moving toward requiring all headstones to be bronze. The flat bronze headstones preserve the look of the landscaping by not interfering with it and it is easier to maintain the grounds when all cemetery memorials are at lawn level.

Why use Bronze for a Headstone?

  • If bronze is required by the cemetery you must use it.
  • The bronze casting process allows very intricate design.
  • It has durability and ability to withstand harsh weather. Bronze may maintain its shape for centuries. Its long lasting construction make a bronze headstone perfect for a memorial that will keep memories of a loved-one alive for generations to come.
  • The bronze manufacturing techniques of today make it very affordable for use in headstones.

Bronze Plaques

A bronze headstone usually comes in the form of a plaque. A plaque is a plate in which lettering, pictures and/or inscriptions are added. The plaque is made by pouring molten bronze into a mold. Most bronze memorial manufacturers have pre-designed templates for plaques which allow for easy personalization.


After cooling, the bronze headstone plaques go through a process called chasing. Chasing is the process of removing imperfections in the plaque by lightly grinding the bronze until you get the surface texture and shape you want.


After chasing, dark brown paint (oxidation) is applied to the plaque. Once the paint is dry, some areas of paint are removed exposing the top edge of the letters and other design features to reveal the natural bronze coloring. This provides a beautiful contrast to the design. A lacquer coating is then applied to give the bronze headstone its finish.

The bronze plaque can be secured to either a granite base, or in some cases, a concrete foundation. Many bronze plaques are secured to a vertical surface such as an upright monument or statue pedestal. If you live in the South Jersey area we are familiar with the local cemetery regulations for these things. Contact us if we can help.

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